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Oh Dear God,…

Posted in Uncategorized by fenngirl1rachelle on April 15, 2010

Teenage pregnancy is a massive problem. I don’t care what country you are from, if you are a teenager, even 19, you are affecting the community in a not-so-good way. What do you have to offer an infant, a toddler, a child, a youngster, a pre-teen, or a teenager when you yourself are not grown up yet? How are you going to give this little person a good life?

Arizona is ranked third in the nation for the most births per teenager per 1,000 births, and we are 50th in the nation for education. Seems there is a correlation between lack of education and people reproducing. I know a girl who isn’t even a teenager yet and she is expecting her first child.

Teenage pregnancy is related to community psychology because when kids have kids they drain resources, and cannot be in the work force. This is a problem because the children are sick, and could potentially die which increases the nation’s mortality rate. Children cannot financially, emotionally, mentally, or physically care for another human being the way they need to be cared for. Teenagers cannot get jobs until they are 16 nor can they take the GED until then. What kind of job are they going to get to support a family, a single parent family? Teens having babies puts a huge strain on society because they are not educated enough so they cannot obtain gainful employment; they drain resources by using the ER; the finances they have do not stretch over the course of 30 days so they need assistance with housing and food. In certain situations they may not have reliable transportation which will prevent them from getting to work or school. Usually poor people do not have medical insurance so what happens when the baby gets sick? They go to the doctor, and never pay their bill. Therefore, the cost is passed down to tax paying people who end up paying more for insurance deductibles and hospital care.

How many families rise to the occasion and embrace the situation at hand to care for their child and now grandchild? I know of one family personally, and the young girl I referred to above her family said, “I won’t take care of you.” More should be done to teach, educate, inform, and empower our young people about the effects of teenage pregnancy, especially our young females. We should provide prevention and push more birth control methods.



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People have been oppressed since before man walked the earth. Wasn’t God oppressing Eve when she was in the Garden of Eden and He told her do not partake of the fruit?! Thank goodness for rebellion or no one would be here, right? So we continue on through the centuries and we have Native Americans who are over taken by the Religious white people. Then we see rich religious white people own slaves in the Southern states. All the while women are being held down, and every man thinks God told him to save the world and “thou shall follow me!” So you get my point…oppression is real and exists. The point I want to make today is about cultural oppression. Maybe someone can help me understand, because I’m quite a baffled Japanese girl.

Why does it seem that African American’s and Native American’s are still oppressed today and they still feel victimized by what happened to their ancestors? Why do they swear they are the first generation of oppressed people and Euro Americans did something horrible to them yesterday? Why is it that the Asian culture does not seem to hold a grudge and they can rise up and rebuild? Tell me what is the difference in Cultures? We should give to the African American’s and Native American’s what the Asians have.

From a community psychology perspective if some cultures could release their tight grip on the past and live for today and tomorrow we might actually be able to move away from racism and oppression. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not advocating forgiveness by any means- a little hateful grudge is good for everyone. But on a societal, communal point of view it is time for humanity to step out of the dark ages and turn the light on. This is not a small win as far as making change goes but if people stop blaming the bictim and blaming each other tremendous strides can be made personally and societally. If people will take back their power and say, “yes, this happened in our country, and it happened to my ancestors but it is not going to stop me from rising above and creating a better future for all”.

I think it is time to grow up and be an adult. Get over the events that did not happen to you, and worry about something that is more important, perhaps, education, welfare, poverty, and equal rights and justice for all.
Enjoy the song by Peter Tosh.

Pro-Life! Just Kidding

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You will not be surprised I support abortion.

I support abortion because the world is so over populated. I think our country should do what the Chinese did and create laws regulating how many kids you can have; but instead of only 1 our country could allow 2. If people don’t want to have a kid they should be able to get rid of it if adoption is not a choice. If a woman is raped and does not want to carry to full term she should be able to dispose of properly. I believe if a teenage girl gets pregnant before she graduates from high school she should be able to go to a physician in private to discuss her options. Should a decision be made to abort the pregnancy she should be able to make that choice and follow through. Too many parents don’t talk to their kids about sex, drugs, huffing, drunk driving, alcohol, the importance of education, so when shit hits the fan and daughter comes home expecting they only have themselves to blame. Over population is a huge social problem which leads to increased welfare, which I am all for supporting the poor; lack of education, which I believe should not be free, among others problems. Kids having kids is a social problem everyone should be concerned about. If someone decides to not have a baby then good, one less to take care of.

I know some religious people will disagree but if you disagree with giving people a choice about bearing kids then you have to believe that slavery is acceptable, having multiple wives is cool, and beating your kids is a good form of discipline. You also cannot eat shellfish. These are a few of the things the Old Testament proclaims.

Legalize Marijuana

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Oh Shit! Leave it to me to bring up a controversial subject and break the ice!

There is so much opinion surrounding the use and sale of illegal drugs. Personally, I think it should all be legal as well as prostitution!

Please watch my youtube video; It’s funny as hell! Take a deep breath!

My youtube video brings up a lot of good points I agree with about legalizing marijuana. I also lmao when I heard him screaming passionately because I think many, many people agree with mr. drinkingwithbob.

On a serious note the social issue I have relates to community psychology because legalizing marijuana would release a number of incarcerated people (including juveniles but that’s for another day). It should not be a crime to participate in recreational activities. Do you know how many stupid laws are on the books? If everyone got arrested for all the laws we break on a daily basis we would not have society because there would be no one to be in society!

Instead of keeping people off the street how about keeping them in their employment and supporting their families. Instead of paying to keep these people off the street how about we let them keep their jobs so they can contribute to paying taxes. Other countries accuse Americans of being wasteful, well here is a perfect example of WASTEFUL SPENDING!! I did some research about 10 years ago regarding the criminal justice system. In 2001, it cost $43,000 per year per inmate. We spend more money on these non-violent, non-serious criminals than they make in a year. Who’s logic is this?!

Tell me what is so wrong with an employee showing up to work high or stoned? More than likely he’s happy, in a good mood, and can still perform his job duties. How many of us know an employee or co-worker who shows up to work this way or drunk? I think we all know people who fall into these labels. How many of you are in denial about our youth attending high school classes drunk, stoned, and high? Yep, it’s everywhere, even here in little Sierra Vista!

Here’s the proof . In 2008, there were over 7.3 million people in our criminal justice system either in custody, on parole or probation. 63% of them were arrested for drug offenses. This is absurd; Leave them alone! They do not need to be locked up. If anything they need rehab; for crying out loud, just let them decide if they want help or not!

Gay change in the military

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Last week two of the highest ranking military members testified on Capitol Hill about gay and lesbian members serving openly in the United State’s branches of service.  Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary, Robert Gates support President Obama in working together to eliminate the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.  If these two men who have each served our nation for over 30 years believe in repealing the current rule then it is absolutely time for change. 

I agree with the pro-gay supporters and feel sexual orientation does not matter in any employment situation.  Since 1993, when President Clinton created the policy, there have been over 10,000 servicemembers discharged for violation of the former administrations policy.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was actually created to allow gay and lesbians to serve our country.  There are many more policy makers and high ranking military officials who support Mullen and Gates, as well as President Obama. 

My problem is not with gay people serving in the military or any capacity.  The beef I am currently struggling with is how certain military officials can be opposed to allowing gays in the military; Don’t interject sexuality.  I found a letter in USA Today written by Mr. Mike Coffman.  Mr. Coffman was a Captain in the Marine Corps during the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War.  He writes to the newspaper and says how his unit served on the front lines of the Saudi-Kuwait border, and they were combat ready 24 hours a day-7 days a week.  Mr. Coffman’s unit was a male-only unit, and going through a war together to serve and protect each other, as well as their country, created unity and cohesion; by adding a sexuality undertone to the mission would “…create an emotional divide between marines…that prevents bonds from forming”. 

Mr. Coffman,-maybe someday you will read my words.  If I may speak directly to you for a moment.  You are delusional if you think none of your marines are homosexual!  You are further out of touch with reality if you feel unity and cohesion can only be attained through heterosexual bonds.  I am assuming IF you are married it is to a female because of your position on this matter.  If I could be so rude to ask what kind of bond do you have with her?  Not only am I outraged at your position and opinion regarding gay’s in the military, I am understatedly outraged that you are now working for an elected official in Colorado.  I wonder how many citizens know your position.  Do you honestly believe emotional bonds build division between people as opposed to bringing them together?  Your article ends by saying, “We need a very deliberative and reasoned approach…”  What we, society and probably the citizens of Colorado need, is a SEASONED representative who is looking out for the greater good of humanity and not the limited, puny, capacity of oneself!